Exporter of Solar Powered Weighbridge in Oman:

Exelon Weighing System:

Exelon Weighing System is a leading manufacturer and supplier of weighbridges, offering a range of products including Modular, Pit Type, Pitless, Mobile, RCC, Un-Manned, Multi Deck, Weighpad, On-Board Weighing System, Off-Road, and Solar Weighbridges.

The company operates from an ISO 9001–2015 certified manufacturing unit located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Exelon weighbridges are renowned for their precision, reliability, and durability, catering to diverse industrial needs.

Advantages of Solar-powered Weighbridges:

Environmental Sustainability: Utilizing solar power reduces reliance on grid electricity, thereby lowering carbon emissions and promoting environmental sustainability.

Cost Savings: Solar energy helps in cutting down electricity expenses associated with operating the weighbridge, leading to significant cost savings.

Suitability for Remote Locations: It offers flexibility in deployment, making it ideal for remote areas with limited or costly grid electricity access.

Reliability: Designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, ensuring reliable operation even in challenging settings.


Solar-powered weighbridges find applications across various industries such as transportation, logistics, mining, agriculture, waste management, and construction.

Suitable for accurately weighing trucks, trailers, containers, and other heavy vehicles transporting goods or materials.

Exelon Weighing System serves as an exporter of Solar Powered Weighbridge in Oman, covering key cities including Muscat, Seeb, Bawshar, Ibri, Salalah, Saham, Rustaq, Sohar, As Suwayq, Buraimi, Nizwá, and Sur.

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