Electronics Weighbridge

Electronics Weighbridge - OFF ROAD

The “exelon” Off-Road weighbridge is a high structural strength design to withstand very high concentrated axle loads of articulated vehicles used in off-road applications, where the loads can range from 100t to 800t.

Quarrying and mining operations present some of the harshest environments for weighbridge. Our weighbridge have been providing accurate and reliable weighing. Accurate weighing is the key factor for the mining and construction industries, from mine exploration to waste recycling; you will need our high precision balances, with a large capacity up to 200 ton, you can move our Mining weighbridges easily and you do not need to do a new civil job, the new sensor modules can guarantee accuracy for concrete tanks.

The weighbridge deck consists of four (2/4) modules. The maximum axle load will be 140 to 150 tons.

One bridge consists of 2 separate scales, Each scale includes four (4) bridge modules and three (3) Load Cells Height of the Deck - 500/600/650 mm from the load cell base plate to the top of the weighbridge deck. The deck plate shall be manufactured from smooth plate 12/14/16 mm. All cables run through conduit to the point of load cell/junction boxes. Each deck is joined together by “EXELON” - Load Cell Side rails will be planted into the ground next to the bridge.

The weighbridge platform is a modular design suitable for easy transportation, assembly installation. Removal and re-installation is also possible. A typical scenario is to obtain the off-road vehicle details, analysis the length and width of the vehicle and access the axle loading. From this information one then determines what design would be best suited for the application. The ultimate scales for off-road heavy haulage vehicles. The Expert’s are portable systems consisting of multiple weighing pads which accurately measure the load of each wheel. 2 pads can be used for dynamic weighing within 1% accuracy, 4 pads can be combined for static weighing within 0.1% accuracy.


Approximate accuracies of 0.05% in static mode and 0.5% in dynamic (in-motion) mode are achievable based upon installation / vehicle conditions and the operational use of the system.

Note: Accuracies are based upon correct installation / vehicle conditions, and correct operational use of the system and any other interfering influences that may be present.


Each Exelon Mining Truck Scale / weigh pad incorporates multiple heavy-duty OIML-approved temperature-compensated load cells. The positioning of these sensors within the pad allows for off-center wheel loads to be measured accurately and with a safe overload sufficient to deal with the inertia and shock effects of a loaded mining truck braking on the weigh pad.

Off Road Weighbridge

Benefits Of Off-Road Weighbridges

Raft foundation helps in Low cost of ownership.

Strong construction, reliable & long life

Fully Welded Platform Structure

Flexible Module Design

Easy loading/unloading Quick Installation

Box Channel (Hollow) & Fully Welded I-Beam Type

Off Road Weighbridge

Checkered & Plane plate with anti-skid strips

Platform Length : 6 Meter ~ 24 Meter

Platform Width : 3 Meter ~ 4 Meter

Accuracy Class : OIML approved Class – III

Weighing Capacity : 200 t

Both Side Vehicle Guide Rails

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