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Electronics Weighbridge - MULTI DECK

Exelon Multiple deck weighbridge are really a variation of a design, rather than another weigh bridges type. for example, multideck weighbridge may be an above ground, a semi-pit, or a fully in ground design. The number and length of the decks very according to your requirements. Decks need not be of the same length. The advantages of multiple deck weighbridge is that individual axles, or axle groups, are weighed individually and simultaneously. This is ideal for weighbridge that will be used to record axle breakdown weights as it’s primary function.

Consideration for the corresponding weighbridge type (above ground, Semi-pit and fully inground) still apply. Mid deck restraining assemblies are typically installed between decks to limit deck movement. A purpose-built, intelligent digital weight terminal is provided which can sum the weight of all decks and can display the total weight or individual deck weights.

The Multi-Deck system is a group of 4 Multi Axle weighbridges. The vehicle positions its axle groups to ensure each group is on a separate platform. When the weight is steady (this typically takes 3 secs) readings from all 4 platforms are taken. The gross weight is automatically calculated and all values are sent to the Law Enforcement Software which automatically calculates overloads an

Technical Specifications

Multi-Deck Weighbridge are available in all Weighbridge designs

Above Ground Weighbridge
• Fully In-ground Weighbridge
• Semi-Pit Weighbridge

The weighbridge platforms are made using a heavy welded steel structure, this allows for a shallower but more durable structure which minimizes ground works. All electronics are hermetically sealed to endure all weather conditions. The robust design means that the weighbridge requires minimal maintenance, and has high reliability to give a low cost of ownership. The load cells and indicator are factory calibrated to ensure maximum accuracy.

Multi Deck Weighbridge

Benefits Of Multi Deck Weighbridges

Accurate weight first time & every time

In-motion or static weighing modes

Multiple pad configuration

Fast, economical installation


International design and technology

User friendly

Simple installation

Simple onsite test calibration and servicing

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