Electronics Weighbridge

Electronics Weighbridge - PIT TYPE

These weighbridges are installed in a pit, keeping them flush to the road surface. Because these bridges do not require ramps, they take up less surface area, making them ideal for smaller areas or sites where space is at a premium.  

Initial civil and foundation work can make pit installations a more expensive option. A pit is also prone to piling of debris and water logging, requiring provision of sump-pumps and manholes for maintenance purposes. Guide-rails are not required for pit mounted bridges.

In pit type of weighbridge, the cost of making the foundation is more if compared with pit less type weighbridge. The portability of the system is nil as this system cannot be moved to new places easily hence, it should be installed at a place where it can remain there for years to come.

The system is typically a Steel platform mounted on load cells which are mounted in the pit on concrete pillars. The system can be 4,6,8,10 load cell based and is a fully digital system. There are no moving parts in fully electronic Pit type weighbridge hence there is no need of periodical servicing or calibration. It can give the user trouble free and maintenance free operation for years.

This type of Weighbridge is useful where less rainfall takes place. In heavy rain fall prone areas, the pit will get full of rainwater and hence there will be continuous need to empty the pit otherwise if the water level raises to the level of load cells, it can damage the load cells permanently.

This type of installation is better suited when the bridge may need to be shifted, or for temporary (sometimes called ‘portable’) installations.In most cases the site conditions, such as availability of space, will dictate the type of weighbridge available to you. Both surface and pit mounted weighbridges require a firm surface with load bearing capacity, the details of which will be specified in the ‘Plan of Foundation’ drawings provided by the weighbridge supplier.It may be advantageous to choose a weighbridge which has a common structural design for surface and pit mounting, this will allow future flexibility for changing the type of weighbridge

Benefits Of Pit Type Weighbridges

Costly Pit construction is eliminated.

Platform Under PIT

No water logging during rainy season

Lesser Space Required


Problem of pit maintenance is eliminated.

Easy maintenance

No Ramp required

Rickshaw, Tractors & Trolleys Can also be Weigh

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