Electronics Weighbridge

Electronics Weighbridge - MOBILE TYPE

Exelon Dual Track Mobile Portable weighbridges are specially for Mining, Quarries, Construction & road developer industry, who need to shift the weigh bridge from site to site. Conventional weigh bridges have huge platform weights and large civil foundation costs. This makes moving the weighbridge from one location to another very expensive, as bigger trucks are required to transport them and expensive civil work has to be condemned at the old site and re-built at the new site. The time taken for dismantling and re-commissioning conventional weigh bridges, is enormous, and hence adds to the cost of shifting, tremendously

Expert one of the India’s most successful weighing manufacturer has developed Portable weighbridge (Movable Weighbridge), which overcomes all the above disadvantages, and hence enables quick shifting, at a very low cost.

Expert’s Movable weigh bridge is constructed entirely of steel and is lighter and easier to shift. The civil foundation required, is very minimal, and can be done in about 2 day’s time. The weigh bridge itself can be installed in a few HOURS. The system is a TWIN platform design, mounted on a series of load cells. The load cells are specially made to maintain the platform profile, as low as possible. The load cells are connected together in a fully molded junction box, which also houses the surge protection circuit, to protect the weigh bridge from lightening and other electrical surges.

The system is highly secure, with a combination of hardware lock and password. Also, every operator logs in with his user name and password. This enables easy tracking of operators.

Mobile weighbridge needs no foundation, just smooth hard surface on which the load cell plates rest. This saves lots of cost and time. Standard weighbridge foundation and installation takes 2-3 months while mobile weighbridges can be installed in 2 hours. These weighbridges can also be shifted to another site easily. The modular design helps in easy cost-effective transportation and re-installation. These are steel fabricated modular platform supplied complete with ramps. The top plate is steel checkered. Machine comes with the bottom frame which is steel fabricated. The load cells are installed between the bottom frame and the top frame. The bottom frame substitutes the traditional foundation. The bottom frame just needs a smooth hard surface on which it rests.

Mobile Weighbridge

Benefits Of Mobile Weighbridges

Low Profile Dual Track Weighbridge

Self-contained construction

Easy Mobility & Re installation facility

Heavy duty checkered deck plate

Minimal installation cost

Heavy Duty Reputed Make Steel

MS Pre-Fabricated Steel Ramp Available

Welded Module Structure, so easy to transport.

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