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Electronics Weighbridge - UN-MANNED

Exelon Unmanned Weighbridge System is a Unique and True "UNMANNED" solution. It allows 24 X 7 weighing operations without the need of any permanent physical operator. Driver just need to carry the RFID card and rest it will be simply touch and go solution, system is smart enough to handle rest other check and processing.

All terminals will be equipped with RFID reader, IP camera, Traffic Light, Vehicle positioning system, Printer, Loop detector and Alarming system for a full proof robust system which will provide correct and auditable data. Same data can be transferred to Head Office for consolidated reporting and auditing purposes.

The controller integrates the weighing indicators with traffic lights, large display, buzzers (Sound Alert System) , camera, vehicle positioning sensors, etc….. to provide an automated and hassle free system. Semi Automatic weighment solutions is flexible and allows customization with configurable work flow and process integration.

HO has consolidated data of all sites and they can view all transactions on various types of criteria such as "Supplier/ Material/ Vehicle No/ Date Range". They also can audit any incomplete or suspicious entry which will automatically identified by our application. Since all the data will be available in database, same can be utilized by any other existing company applications.

System Working For:


As complete information is scanned through PLC Controller & CCTV Camera Software which reduces the operation cycle and prevents the manual entry errors.

The system makes the weighment process highly secure by allowing integration with CCTV IP cameras, and traffic lights for capturing images during the weighment, managing vehicle traffic, vehicle queue management and carrying out safe operation. The system further integrates with ERP systems like SAP and Tally to remove errors due to manual entries.


CCTV Camera Integration


Traffic Signal Lights


Vehicle Positioning Sensor


Rf Tag Systems


PLC Panel


Boom Barrier Gate




Announcement System


• We provide Vehicle Position System and Unmanned Weighbridge System
• Two Way Weighment System (Vehicle enter in both site on weighbridge)
• Vehicle Position IR Sensor for vehicle alignment
• Instruction announce with Hooter / loud speakers
• PLC Based Controller (Watch Dog Controller)
• CCTV Configuration (Auto E-mail sent with Vehicle Photo’s)
• Traffic lights for safe operations to indicate the status and data to truck driver
• Ethernet Port (LAN port) for server connectivity
• Automatic identification of driver / truck / trailer / material etc...
• Connect with Existing Weighbridge
• Connect with any weighing Indicator
• Avoid operator manual mistake
• Make secure weighment each & every time
• Avoid duplicate weighment in same vehicle
• Make weighment process speedy
• Get vehicle current status on click
• Provide various type reports facility
• Connectivity With SAP, ORACLE, ERP
• Auto E-mail Data Transfer with vehicle Photo / Image

Benefits Of Unmanned Weighbridges

System Provide Two Way/Both Side (In/Exit) Weighment Process Facility.

Drive can confirm weighment after weight checking on display

Stop thieving, stop manual mistake by weighbridge operator.

Increase weighment speed and make more vehicle Weighment.

unmanned weighbridge

Integrate more than one weighbridge with system.

Cut Smart operator / Exelon Person costs with a Semi Automatic Vehicle weighing System.

Automatic identification of driver, truck, trailer

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