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Electronics Weighbridge - MEDIUM SPEED WEIGH IN MOTION

Weighing is crucial to cost-control and safety in virtually every aspect of business operation from monitoring product deliveries to avoiding overloading penalties. Often located in remote or harsh conditions, weighing systems need to be in place with minimal disruption to normal traffic.

Freight may need to be weighed at high speed as many customers operate a huge variety of locomotives and rolling stock.

Electronics Weighbridge - MEDIUM SPEED WEIGH IN MOTION

Medium Speed Weigh-in-Motion System can weight up to a speed of 60 km/h. This is based on Hybrid Bending plate technology developed Expert Weighing Solution, it is a patented technology specially designed to suit the electronic Toll Collection lanes in India.

Hybrid bending plate is low profile and sits directly on load cells. This system consists of a base frame that is fixed in the road and a top plate fitted with four double ended sheer beam type load cells. The system consists of 2 such plates installed side by side on the road in level with ground surface to cover the width of lane to weigh individual axle of moving vehicles. So a total of 8 load cells are used per lane. Load cells are mounted between the base frame and the plate.

The Expert Series of In-Motion Vehicle Scale offers the ideal combination of accuracy and speed. The In-Motion Scale uses a fully welded steel structure contained within a single framework. This rugged platform is supported by four DESB-DBA Series Load Cells to weigh each axle end of a vehicle as it travels across the scale. The weighing platform is approximately 3000mm in width and 750mm in length and is constructed of smooth finish HT grade steel plate. The welded steel structure is designed with performance and longevity in mind. The extremely stiff and rigid weighbridge, coupled with four 20,000 kg capacity load cells, results in a higher resonant frequency allowing more efficient filtering of spurious weight signals.

Benefits Of Medium Speed Weigh in Motion

Raft foundation helps in Low cost of ownership.

Strong construction, reliable & long life

Fully Welded Platform Structure

Flexible Module Design

Easy loading/unloading Quick Installation

Box Channel (Hollow) & Fully Welded I-Beam Type


Checkered & Plane plate with anti-skid strips

Platform Length : 6 Meter ~ 24 Meter

Platform Width : 3 Meter ~ 4 Meter

Accuracy Class : OIML approved Class – III

Weighing Capacity : 200 t

Both Side Vehicle Guide Rails

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