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Axle Weighbridge - MULTI AXLE

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Electronic Multi Axle Weighbridge. These weighbridges have high internal resolution and output with auto-calibration and zero tracking features. Our products are easy to install, requires less space and are known for inexpensive pit construction.

The EXELON Multi Axle Weighbridge is a cost and space efficient alternative to using a Full Size Weighbridge, any vehicle may be weighed regardless of its length or number or axles, the load cell ensures that maximum accuracy is guaranteed at all times. Mobile Axle weigh bridges can weigh loads from 1-50 tons per axle.

The data management unit has built-in software that records each axle weight separately and indicates the sum total of all the axles to get gross vehicle weight Portable Axle Weigh Bridges are useful for weighing Gross Vehicle Weight up to maximum 120 tons.

As the vehicle moves over the weighbridge, the weight of each group of axles is automatically or Manually captured in just three seconds, allowing for a time efficient weighing. Once weighing is complete, the individual weights are automatically added together to give the total weight of the vehicle. The data is also automatically saved as a single line CSV file on the USB stick, this data can then be transferred to an Excel spreadsheet. This allows for paper and electronic copies of weight records. If only electronic copies are required, the printer can be turned off.

Features Of Multi Axle Weighbridges

Typical platform sizes from 3.0 meter to 8.0 meter long

Maximum weight on platform up to 100 tonnes

Very Low Civil Foundation

Axle-group load control

Quick and easy to use

Load cells chosen to match capacity of weighbridge


Quick delivery and installation

Low Cost Truck Scale & Installation in one day

Software which gives total control and accountability

IP-68 & Ip69 K protection for load cells

System fully protected from lightening

Rugged instrumentation to give seamless performance

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