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Weighbridge Indicator Digitizer - RS232C

We offer a wide range of weight indicators for Weighbridge, weighing scales & other application which weigh heavy and medium sized loads, respectively.

The Digitizer EWS-AND6410 is a robust weight indicator designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. It can operate accurately over a wide temperature range and humid weather. It is a microprocessor-based indicator with Sigma Delta type 32 Bit Analog to Digital converter. Its power supply is incorporated with EMI-RFI filter, spike suppressor and opto isolation of signals to make it operate in the harshest of electrical environment.

The weight digitizer which is micro controller based solid state design which supports upto 12000 external counts. It is the main building block of instrumentation for weighbridge this has the following features: Operates on 220 VAC 50/60 Hz Built in Battery backup, Industrial Working Temperature range, Protection for load cells from lightening/high volts spikes, supports Parallel second Display or Jumbo Display, Optically isolated Data Transfer Interface (RS232/RS485), Digital calibration function of weighbridge through keypad, Bright Red seven segment LED display and EEPR0M to save Calibration data without battery.

Weighbridge Indicator

• Auto zero tracking
• Weight tracking to generate stable weight on display in loaded platform condition
• Decimal point selectable
• Averaging of internal counts to achieve stable and accurate weight
• Password for security
• String selection with different communication parameters can be factory set as per user's requirement for interfacing the indicator with computer Software.
• RS232 serial protocol & parameters are field changeable to make the indicator output compatible with other makes of indicator.

Benefits Of Pit Type Weighbridges

Dual range system in which scale capacity is divided in two ranges with different division sizes.

Three-step calibration to achieve perfect and error free calibration

High Quality Standard

Smart calibration to provide correction for small weight errors

Weight tracking to generate stable weight on display in loaded platform condition

Accuracy Class : OIML approved Class – III

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