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EXELON - Intelligent Terminal is a rugged and sleek system specially designed for use in harsh and dusty environments. The software has been developed in such a way that it fulfills most of the requirements of weighbridge data management. This is a RAM/ Rom based system and does not have any rotating parts such as hard disc and hence gives you trouble free / reliable performance. This intelligent Terminal can drive any size of LCD/LED/TOUCH Screen monitors and is suitable for all weighbridge platform sizes.

A terminal that often contains not only a keyboard and screen, but also comes with a disk drive and printer, so it can perform limited processing tasks when not communicating directly with the central computer.




• No Need to Use Computer System for our Smart Terminal
• Inbuilt Large Data Storage Facility
• High Bright 0.8” RGB LED Display & Green Backlight LED Display
• Direct Connect Dot-Matrix Printer for Weighment Receipt
• 1 USB Configuration Port for Pendrive
• Two Nos. of Door Display Port
• 1 Printer Parallel Port for Dot-matrix Printer
• Multi Reporting Facility
• GSM (SMS) Port for SMS modem
• Multi-Level Password for security
• Strong SMPS Power Supply for Load Cell & Other System Safety.

Benefits Of Intelligent Terminal System

Both Analog & Digital Model Available

Large Date Storage Facility

SMS, Email & Voice Call Facility

Strong Power Supply

DB9/USB Serial Communication Port

RGB/RED/Multicolor Touchscreen Display

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