Electronics Weighbridge

Electronics Weighbridge - RCC (CONCRETE) TYPE

Our company is specialized in concrete truck scales, as we do everything on the concrete truck scale including welding and mesh, and the customer only needs to pour the concrete and install the truck scale on site. There is no more labor needed. With ever-rising steel prices, it makes great economic sense to install concrete platform weigh bridges.

Apart from low costs, it offers high strength and is virtually maintenance free – requiring no painting every year. Its life is 30 years as compared to that of 15 years of a typical steel platform. Due to the advantages of concrete platforms, the developed world has been using them for over 30 years.

Advantages -

MATERIAL QUALITY : Quality of steel is always a suspect owing to the presence of a number of local companies which make cheaper and inferior quality steel, thereby decreasing the life & performance of steel components over time whereas the onsite construction of concrete weigh bridges helps monitor quality capacity.

STRENGTH : Steel structure being lighter by weight than the gross load of the vehicle coming on the platform, a cantilever effect takes place with inverse forces taking place at the ends thereby having a tendency to twist the steel structure & causing weighing errors. The concrete platform being a heavy mass has more stability. Hence, no inverse forces take place in the platform.

DESIGN : Steel being flexible tends to bend & rattles when the truck comes onto the platform. Due to this there is a lateral pull of the load cells wherein ideally the load should be transferred vertically. The concrete platform is a rigid monolithic structure. As soon as the vehicle comes over the platform, the load gets distributed to all 6-load cells.

COST : The cost of material required for construction of concrete platform is approximately 40% less than that of steel platform.

VEHICLE MOVEMENT : Vehicle movement & sudden braking tends to break the anti-skid strips welded onto the steel platform requiring re-welding of the strips by dismantling the load cells, thus rendering the weighbridge out of use for some time. In the case of concrete platform weigh-bridges, vehicle movement is arrested due to rough surface of the concrete platform.

WEIGHBRIDGE LIFE : The steel platform/girder structure gets weak due to rusting & loosening of nuts etc. The top plate & joints have a bending effect after few years. The concrete platform has a very long life and no bending effect takes place.

LIGHTNING PROTECTION:  Steel structured weigh bridges are prone to electro-static charge high electric field caused by strong winds & lightening which may damage the weighing instrumentation & load cells. The platform of concrete structure is totally immune to such environmental harshness, thereby the system more stable & maintenance free.

MAINTENANCE : Due to rattling of steel structure, nuts & bolts get loosened thereby requiring periodic tightening. Also steel gets rusted due to changes in the environment over a period. Being a totally RCC structure, there is no rusting of components in concrete platforms hence they are totally maintenance free

This type of installation is better suited when the bridge may need to be shifted, or for temporary (sometimes called ‘portable’) installations.In most cases the site conditions, such as availability of space, will dictate the type of weighbridge available to you. Both surface and pit mounted weighbridges require a firm surface with load bearing capacity, the details of which will be specified in the ‘Plan of Foundation’ drawings provided by the weighbridge supplier.It may be advantageous to choose a weighbridge which has a common structural design for surface and pit mounting, this will allow future flexibility for changing the type of weighbridge​

RCC Weighbridge

Salient Features Of RCC Type Weighbridges

Steel Cum Concrete Weighbridge

Fully Welded / Bolted Modules

Cost Effective Weighbridge

Low Profile & Easy to move

only Rafting foundation required

Strong construction & long life

Easy loading/unloading Quick Installation

RCC Weighbridge

Weighing Capacity : upto 200 t

No Regular Service required

No Painting Required

Heavy Duty RCC Top

Platform Length : 6 Meter ~ 24 Meter

Platform Width : 3 Meter ~ 4 Meter

Fully Digital Technology

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