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Weighbridge Indicator - BATCHING CONTROLLER

Accuracy of your filling, discharging or multiple ingredient recipes is critical. Controlling your weighing system more precisely with the proper load cell electronics not only improves quality and inventory numbers, but also reduces waste.

Fill to a setpoint mode, allows control of filling a container by weight. Applications can include: bag, pale, drum, tote filling scales. The container is placed on a pre-made scale base, or a custom load cell setup.

Weighbridge Indicator - BATCHING CONTROLLER

This terminal is ideal for installation in conjugation with simple and complex weighing devices for the accurate measurement, transfer and management of weights. Manufactured by utilizing utmost quality components and progressive techniques, this Weighing Terminal can be purchased from us in different technical specifications at the rock-bottom prices.

• Customized electrical and instrumentation panel.
• Batching process control in auto mode with manual intervention facility.
• Safety interlocks for motors, valves as per requirement.
• Weigh indicator, load cell and mounting assemblies as per application and tank profile.

Benefits Of Batching Controller

Weighing & batching solution for complete process automation

Independent & ratio metric flow rate control, heating & cooling profile control, agitation control

High Quality & Standard Products


Coarse feed, fine feed, dribble control.

Automation through reputed make PLC & HMI for complete process over viewing and control.

SCADA for remote control & report generation with time trend.

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