Electronics Weighbridge

Electronics Weighbridge - WEIGH PAD

We have designed and developed Portable Weigh Pad using high strength aluminum alloy and high density plastic/rubber compound under the guidance of our exelon personnel. These weigh pads are used to maximize ambulance-vehicle handling performance, driving stability and to keep compliance with road overloading regulations.

This Portable Weigh Pad is a kind of easy to use axle-weighing system, introduced to customers. We have kept our price range minimal and delivery is made in a hassle-free manner. Our customers can purchase these products at the most appropriate industrial rates.

Introducing the third generation Portable Axle Weigh Pad. Remembering, regularly developing prerequisites of our profitable customers, we are putting forth a selective range of Portable Axle Weigh Pad.

Enjoy all the benefits of Massload highly successfully Ultraslim Weight pad, now with an integrated digital readout! Forget about running wires, or having to tote around a wireless receiver, this readout is ready to weigh as soon as you lay it on the ground. The electronics are specially designed for the weighing industry and are sure to give you hundreds of hours of operation. 3 AA batteries power this pad, and the weight is displayed on a highly visible 1" high LCD screen with 5 digits. A sealed 5 key, keypad make this pad very easy to operate, and a security sealed calibration switch ensure that your pads will not be tampered with.

Portable Weigh Pads is made of aluminum alloy & High Alloys Steel Based. Underside there is several entire sealed and thin sensors embedded in the plate.

Our clients can avail from us an extensive range of Tank Weighing Systems, which is widely acclaimed for easy installation, high accuracy and calibration.

These weighing systems are used to weigh the exact amounts of solid and liquid material, which is filled or discharged from industrial hopper, silos, bunkers, tanks and mixers. Our range is available in different types, which includes crane weighing systems and milk weighing system

Weigh Pad

Benefits Of Weigh Pad Weighbridges

Light & Portable Weighing System

Transfer of stored data to PC.

High density plastic/rubber compound

Quick delivery and installation

Very low cost on civil work

Low Profile Aluminum Plate

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