Electronics Weighbridge

Electronics Weighbridge - ON-BOARD

On-board weighing involves using load cells to monitor the load applied to a vehicle, commonly used for example on tipper trucks, tankers and bin Lorries. The load cells will measure the weight of what is “on-board” hence the name. This enables the vehicle user to potentially load the vehicle to the maximum capacity without the danger of over-loading.

It also means that accurately understanding what is added or offloaded allows the vehicle operator to calculate costs and charges accordingly, which in summary shows that by using load cells for on board weighing ensures that haulage companies operate at maximum efficiency without compromising safety.

Under load a truck and you lose money. Overload a truck and you have two choices: let the truck leave overloaded and run the risk of having to pay a fine or waste time and money adjusting the load. Any time a truck has to be sent back from the scale house or a loader called up to the scale house to adjust a load you're wasting time and money. Our line of loader scales can help you eliminate guesswork and increase your productivity and profits.

Maximize loading efficiency with fully dynamic Expert Weighing Solution, which enables to load radically more load in a day than conventional wheel loader scales. Exelon Weighing System is robust and accurate and it has user-friendly color touch screen, New smart weighing technoloy developed Exelon guarantee accurate result also in the most challenging environment.

They are designed for work machines like diggers, excavators, forklifts and they provide weighing during loading process of the material. The main components of the system are pressure transducers mounted to hydraulic system, level/angle measurement sensors, weight indicator mounted to the cabinet and optional printer.

The system has various models specifically designed for different requirements. Some models have detailed memory and reporting options, external data storing units, wireless PC connection and ticket printer beside to basic weighing functions.

On Board Weighing System

Benefits Of On-Board Weighing Systems

Saves manpower and time as driver controls correct load and fill rates

Prevents truck overload with associated dangers

Saves energy by moving exact

Reduces loading time

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Maximizing payload means reducing the number of trips

Prevents excessive wear extending working life

Flexibility to weigh anywhere without a detour to a weighbridge which saves time also

Eliminates overloading and traffic fines

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