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The cost of constructing a foundation for a pit weighbridge is higher than for a pitless weighbridge. The system’s mobility is zero because it can’t be readily transferred to other locations; therefore, it should be installed in a location where it can stay for years.

Typically, the system consists of a steel platform with load cells installed in the pit on concrete pillars. The system is totally digital and can be based on 4,6,8,10 load cells. Because there are no moving components in a fully electronic Pit type weighbridge, it does not need to be serviced or calibrated on a regular basis. It can provide years of trouble-free and maintenance-free service to the user.

This form of Weighbridge is useful in areas with less rainfall. In places prone to heavy rain, the pit will fill with rainwater, necessitating regular emptying; otherwise, if the water level rises to the level of the load cells, the load cells will be irreparably damaged.

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