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On-board weighing, which is often employed on tipper trucks, tankers, and bin Lorries, includes using load cells to monitor the load imparted to a vehicle. The weight of what is “on-board” will be measured by the load cells, hence the term. This allows the driver to potentially load the vehicle to its full capacity without risking over-loading.

It also means that knowing exactly what is added or offloaded lets the vehicle operator compute costs and charges accordingly, demonstrating that employing load cells for on-board weighing allows haulage companies to operate at maximum efficiency while maintaining safety.

There is no need to use weighbridges because there is an ON BOARD WEIGHING SYSTEM installed on the equipment itself. It allows you to know the exact quantity of the material you’re loading / unloading and, by optimizing the vehicle load, avoids under and overload charges. It also aids in speeding up the loading process and determining the wheel loader’s actual productivity.

Loader Weighing Systems, Dumper Weighing Systems, Excavator Weighing Systems, Articulated Dump Truck Weighing Systems, Forklift Weighing Systems, and others are among the products available.

Expert Weighing Assistance On-board weighing systems come with a plethora of capabilities that make them ideal for use in mine. Our Loader and Dumper Weighing Systems make it easy for customers to keep track of their fleet.

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