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Multiple deck weighbridges are variations on an established design rather than a new breed of the weighbridge. For instance, multideck weighbridges may be built above ground, partially underground, or entirely subterranean. Depending on your demands, several lengths and numbers of decks are available. The length of each deck need not be the same.

The simultaneous, independent weighing of each axle or group of axles is one benefit of a multiple-deck weighbridge. The ideal choice for a weighbridge whose primary function is to keep track of axle breakdown weights is this one.

It is nevertheless crucial to consider the proper weighbridge type (above ground, semi-pit, or completely inground). Mid-deck restraints are frequently installed between decks to stop deck movement. It can add the weight of all decks and display either the total weight or the weights of each individual deck using a specially created, high-tech digital weight terminal.

Four Multi Axle weighbridges make up the Multi-Deck system. The arrangement of the axle groups on the vehicle ensures that each group is on a different platform. Readings from each of the four platforms are taken when the weight has stabilized (usually after 3 seconds). The Law Enforcement Software detects overloads by automatically computing the gross weight and sending all values to it.

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