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Supplier of Off-Road Weighbridge in Maharashtra

Supplier of Off-Road Weighbridge in Maharashtra

Supplier of Off-Road Weighbridge in Maharashtra:

Exelon Weighing System:

Exelon Weighing System, based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, is a prominent global manufacturer, exporter, and supplier specializing in off-road weighbridges in Maharashtra, India.

The company is a manufacturing enterprise holding ISO 9001-2015 certification.

Product Range:

Exelon Weighing System manufactures and supplies various types of weighbridges, including Pit type weighbridge, Pitless type weighbridge, Multideck weighbridge, Bulker loading Facility, RCC Weighbridge, and Off-Road Weighbridge.

Off-Road Weighbridge Purpose:

The Off-Road Weighbridge is a heavy-duty weighing system specifically designed for vehicles and loads that cannot traverse a standard weighbridge due to size, weight, or specialized purpose.

Common Industries Using Off-Road Weighbridges:

Industries such as mining, construction, agriculture, and transportation commonly employ off-road weighbridges to accurately measure heavy loads.

Installation Features:

Installers set up off-road weighbridges with a flat surface and ramps, allowing vehicles with low ground clearance or carrying oversized or irregularly shaped loads to drive over them.

Measurement Technology:

Off-road weighbridges utilize load cells or strain gauges to precisely measure the weight of both the vehicle and its load.

Data Display and Processing:

Weight data is displayed on an indicator or transmitted to a central computer for further processing and record-keeping.

Geographical Coverage in Maharashtra:

Exelon Weighing System serves as a Supplier of Off-Road Weighbridge in Maharashtra, India covering key locations such as Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur,

Nashik, Vasai-Virar, Solapur, Bhiwandi, Amravati, Kolhapur, Akola, Latur, Jalna, Panvel, Navi Mumbai, Parbhani, Dhule, Nanded, Jalgaon, Ahmadnagar, Chandrapur, and more.

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