Electronics Weighbridge

Electronics Weighbridge - SLOW SPEED WEIGH IN MOTION

Trucks with axle load higher than legal limits cause a disproportionately higher percentage of damage to the infrastructure and adverse impact on traffic safety.

Expert Truck Weigh in motion System (TWIM) is a robust, reliable, maintenance-free weighing mechanism designed for use on highway entries with non-stop heavy traffic. Weighing accuracy and performance are approved for trade use and for law enforcement purposes.

Electronics Weighbridge - SLOW SPEED WEIGH IN MOTION

When speed is critical and vehicle weighing is an integral part of the operation, Expert TWIM system provides significant cost savings over full-platform and axle scales. The vehicle loads (wheel, axle, GVW, load ratios) are automatically analyzed, compared to legal limits and results are displayed on operator’s PC monitor, the driver gets the corresponding printout and the data are also recorded for further reporting or can be sent via LAN or Internet to the server..

This minimizes operator’s mistakes, offers inbuilt data protection and allows vehicle throughput up to 180 vehicles per hour.

Vehicles don't need to be stopped during weighing operations on the WIM series axle scales like static truck and axle scales applications. Thus, serial weighing is obtained and it is also prevented to pay penalties by providing correct loading before the vehicles entering to the roadway. Low speed WIM system are widely used in applications in which vehicle weights must be determined accurately such as road side control stations provided by legal authorities, customs transition points, vehicle inspection stations operated by public or private establishments and logistics industry. It can be integrated to high speed WIM system which is used as pre-selection system, or it can be used stand alone as well.

Benefits Of Pit Type Weighbridges

Dynamic weighing with high accuracy

Determining of axle weights and gross weight

Directing vehicles by message panel and traffic signalization system

Designating number of axles, axle groups and vehicle class by optional vehicle classification system


Automatic vehicle identification by optional ANPR camera system

Determining vehicle dimensions owing to optional automatic vehicle dimensioning system

Easily managable weighing processes by software.

Data communication with central information system

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