Electronics Weighbridge

Electronics Weighbridge - FLEXI TYPE

“Flexi Weigh” has easy-to-shift platforms and can accommodate various kinds of trucks. Simple, minimum cost and quick to cast PCC foundation. The distance between weighing platforms can be adjustable according the Truck Axle centers using quick hydraulic jacking for instantaneous shift overs. System Capacity 20T, 30T, 40T & 50T for 6 wheels, 10 wheeler trucks. Low height built in Ramps for easy & effortless climbing of vehicles onto platform.

Electronics Weighbridge - FLEXI TYPE

simple, compact design and rugged hermetically sealed construction of the load cell assures long life. The technologically advanced tension link mounting arrangement ensures high accuracy & reliability to weight measurement and smooth performance of the load cell

Two models available:

> Single Rear Axle (1mx3m - 2 platforms )
> Double Rear axle (1mx3m-1 platform 2.4mx3m - 1 platform)

Rugged structure made of high tensile steel to take impact loads with Special Rigid Mount Axle Load cells (25,000kg each) for greater accuracy of +/-10kg gross weight of the vehicle. Minimum time for installation its required 1~2 hours with Plug and Use feature!

Benefits Of Flexi Type Weighbridges

Adjustable Platforms to suit different carriers

Low profile with built-in ramp

Easy setup, connect & weigh!

Can be shifted easily

Without civil foundation installed on finish ready road.

Approved by Weights & Measures department

Easy maintenance

Low cost

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