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The load cell plates on a modular truck scale can lay on any hard, smooth surface without the requirement for a foundation. Both money and time are greatly saved. While the foundation and installation of a pit or pitless weighbridge might take up to three months, a modular truck scale can be set up in about two hours. The modular design makes movement and reinstallation simple and affordable.

“Ease of Erection” is the primary attribute of a modular weighbridge. The modular weighbridge may be readily disassembled and then reassembled at any other place.

These weighbridges can be quickly and easily taken down and rebuilt in a different location. It is possible to arrange for a regular truck to transport the modules.

A weighbridge has a modular design, is completely welded, and is sturdy to handle the intended load. Even though they are kept in place by fasteners, the loose components, such as girders, plates, and transoms in a traditional weighbridge and the main girders in a surface-mounted version, move relative to one another while trucks are weighed on a cycle.

Over time, this impact causes the parts to deteriorate and need to be replaced. The modules that make up a weighbridge are totally welded and have no loose parts, thus the effect of cyclic loading does not pose an issue, reducing the need for maintenance.

Features of Modular Weighbridge

High Strength

Good for Accuracy

Low Maintenance

Facility to upgrade further

We Provide  Modular Weighbridge Manufacturer in Africa and we supplier to products in various locations like Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon, Burundi, Angola, Chad, Algeria, Egypt, Burkina Faso, Comoros, Benin, Senegal, Ethiopia, South Africa, Nigeria, Mali, Gabon, Morocco, Uganda, Kampala, Jinjha, Ghana, Zambia.

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