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A flat, hard surface is all that is needed for a mobile weighbridge to rest its load cell plates. Both money and time are greatly saved. Mobile weighbridges may be installed in 2 hours whereas traditional weighbridge foundation and installation take 2-3 months. Additionally, moving these weighbridges to a different location is simple. The modular design makes movement and reinstallation simple and affordable.

These are steel-fabricated, ramp-equipped modular platforms. The top plate is checkered steel. The machine includes a bottom frame made of steel fabrication. Between the bottom and top frames, load cells are mounted. The conventional foundation is replaced with the bottom frame.

All that is required for the bottom frame to rest is a hard, smooth surface. Mobile Weighbridges We provide a variety of mobile weighbridges to our customers. These are fully licensed, completely mobile, and self-contained units that can be put up in a matter of minutes at almost any place.


Construction & Infrastructure, Road Construction Company, Forestry, Rubbish for landfill sites, Demolition materials ex-site, Agriculture industry, Quarries, Military.


  • Modular Design- Machine supplied complete with platform, bottom frame, and ramps
  • Needs no foundation
  • Installation in hours
  • Can be shifted to another site easily
  • Keeps vigil on costly materials
  • Significantly saves time & construction costs
  • Most suited for temporary sites

We provide  Multi-Axle Weighbridge manufacturers in Nepal and we supplier to product various locations like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Patan, Birgunj, Biratnagar, Dharan, Bharatpur, Janakpur Dham, Dhangadhi, Butwal, Mahendranagar, Hetauda.

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