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Exelon Weighing System are Leading Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of Pit Type Weighbridge in Kenya.

A pit-type weighbridge is a type of weighing scale commonly used in industries for accurately measuring the weight of vehicles, goods, or materials.

Unlike surface-mounted weighbridges, which are installed above the ground, pit-type weighbridges are installed into a pit, so the weighing surface is level with the ground.

This design allows for easier access onto the scale, especially for heavy-duty vehicles like trucks.


Platform Size: Typically ranges from 6 meters to 24 meters in length and 3 meters to 4 meters in width.
Weighing Capacity: Can handle weights up to 200 tons or more, depending on the model.
Material: Constructed from heavy-duty steel or reinforced concrete.
Load Cells: Equipped with high-precision load cells for accurate weight measurement.
Display: Digital display units with clear, easy-to-read weight readings.
Connectivity: Options for connecting to computers and printers for data recording and management.

Key Features:

Ground Level Installation: Installed flush with the ground, allowing vehicles to easily drive onto the weighbridge.
Space Efficiency: Suitable for locations with limited space since there are no ramps required.
Durable Construction: Built with high-quality materials to withstand heavy loads and harsh environmental conditions.
Accurate Weighing: Provides precise weight measurements, essential for commercial and industrial applications.
Ease of Access: Easy access for maintenance and cleaning due to its ground-level design.


Logistics and Transportation
Industrial Manufacturing
Waste Management

Exelon Weighing System is Exporter of Pit Type Weighbridge in Kenya Including Naragoi, Bungoma, Dadaab, Eldoret, Killfi, Kisil, Lamu, Litein, Lodwar, Lokichoggio, Mombasa, Moyale, Ruiru, Voi, Mumias, Nairobi, Nanyuki, Narok, Wajir, Watamu, Watamu, Webuye, Wote, Wundanyi.

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